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We believe that technology exists to make people's life easier.

The technological revolution created a world of better communication and healthcare. A world that is more conscious, connected and well-intended.

Acreditamos que tecnologia existe para facilitar a vida das pessoas.

We also believe that a fertile business environment is necessary to promote important improvements in the world. The companies are responsible for the big innovations.

And they’re also responsible for guaranteeing the income of millions of families around the globe and fulfilling dreams everyday. And for business to happen, it is fundamental that people are able to meet.

Nós também acreditamos em um ambiente de negócios fértil para transformar o mundo.

By uniting our two big motivating beliefs, we are born to simplify corporate mobility with a universal solution. Using the best of technology, we can improve the lives of all of our clients. The management gets more efficient, the routine of the collaborators becomes easier and the managers work better. With all that, the meetings we make feasible help the business prosperate and we generate a positive change in the world.

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Our Beliefs

Client in first place

Serves with sympathy and joy to provide a fascinating experience for the Voll costumer. Priorizes the needs of the client and makes Voll service the biggest differential to conquer the admiration of the internal and the external client.

Excellence in execution

Always do your best, considering deadlines and resources. Executes with discipline the actions that transform Voll’s strategy into reality.

Team spirit

Stimulates a collaborative and trustworthy environment. Acts on behalf of integration between people, departments and group companies.

Excellence in results

Believes in Voll and be bold, overcoming goals and proposing actions that generate value and growth for the company.

Leadership spirit

Inspire people to be their best, contributing to the team’s growth and challenging it to get the best results.

Take care of the company

Watch for the company's property, values, code of ethics, confidentiality and image in all his actions.

Integrated vision

Think and act in a integrated way. And knows the impact of his actions in the Voll global results.

Thirst for Knowledge

Seek constant qualification and disseminate knowledge and success cases, so that everyone in company grows together.

If you identify with our worldview and want to help us transform corporate mobility around the world, we certainly need to talk.

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There are no boundaries for our evolution. If you think like us, come join our team.

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